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Digitineers® team members´ background is Excellence in Science. Coming from medicine and neuroscience the development experience of team members goes back to the successful codevelopment of electronic neuroimplants up to CE certification. Today Digitineers is breaking new ground upstream to hybrid AI. Digitineers combines product architecture and design with user knowledge and experience in the context of digital knowledge and thinking. And: we have built networks for a valuable transfer of knowledge. The result: an eco-system with digital thought leaders and partners with diverse inspirations for everyone involved.

The Founders of Digitineers

Digitineers emerged from graduates and staff members of the University of Munich (LMU) and the University of Tuebingen, both in Germany. Our international educations and professional experiences cover both the EU and the US.

Margret Fritz. Margret Fritz gained more than 20 years of extensive experience as a Medical Staff Member at a University Hospital with a certified training as Clinical Trial Expert.

Benedikt P. Zenner M.Sc., Operations. Benedikt Zenner graduated in Economics and in Business Administration at the University of Munich/LMU. He gained science experience at the Chair of Medical Economics at Hohenheim University Stuttgart and professional experience at a Clinical Research Organization in Tübingen. At Digitineers he is responsible for operations, financing and business development.

Dr. Hans P. Zenner M.D., MBA, CEO. Hans P. Zenner worked as Distinguished Professor at the University of Tübingen with a strong background in R&D. At Digitineers he serves as medical domain expert, software architect and clinical developer.


Head of Operations: Benedikt Zenner, M.Sc.
Production: Jannik Pieper, M.Sc., Marius Rühle, Sabine Brändle M.A., MBA;
Product Architecture: B. Zenner, H.P. Zenner
Compliance/Regulatory Affairs: Dr. jur. Mijo Bozic, M.LL.
Health Economics: Jannik Pieper, M.Sc.
Medical Department: Prof. Dr. med. H.P. Zenner